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The Weeknd Vinyl Cover

October 11th 2014.

In short, I really enjoyed the show.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I felt compelled to create a lasting memory and share it with all of you.

With this vinyl album art, I wanted to capture the environment that the Weeknd performed at, while still staying true to his already existing aesthetic and designing within that idea. I wanted to use a vinyl album to capture the idea…

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Elisha See’s Design – “How Does Design in the Environment Impact Design on the Web?”

So as part of an ongoing project to learn more about myself, and how I see design, I decided to spend these past few days actively observing the world around us, and how design in the environment inspires me. Because I work primarily on the computer using digital art and website coding to achieve all of my design goals, I decided that it would be interesting to see past my limited view scope, and…

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It was my first time using my coffee machine this morning…

And now It’s shattered. Just like my dreams… #jk #thisiswhyicantdrinkcoffee #thestruggleisreal
Design115 Book Layout & Binding Project Complete ✂📐📚📖 #collegeeducation #not
Dad, you’ll rest forever in my memory and heart. Thank you for inspiring a never ending wanderlust and a thirst for adventure in myself and many others. From sailing around the Pacific Ocean, to traveling to Cuba, to motorcycling around Europe, and eventually living in Colombia, you never let a dull moment happen during your life. Even during the past few weeks you were filled with laughter, smiles, and never ending jokes. I’m happy you now have the peace and solace you deserve and can finally sail across the heavens in the sailboat you’ve always wanted. (at Half Moon Bay Harbor)
I made a new friend in class today 🐞😍
La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida 🍸 (at Bistro 33)
So long Seattle, I’m coming for you Cali. #800miles #solotrip
Makes sense that Scooby and his crew moved up here after them 🌲🍁🌲 were legalized up here. 😚💨 (at Seattle Heights)
at Lord Hill Regional Park
#landlostintime #Canada
brb, backpacking with the old man in Canada.
What’s the definition of insanity? Is it willingly paying money to undergo 6 hours of hell? 😏 @ToughMudder Sept 29th 👊💪🏃 lets go.
Officially signed up for Tough Mudder Sept 29th. 🙊 Let’s Go; 👊💪✊ Who else is going!?